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30 September 2020
#OpenVienna - Open for Business!

Welcome to

#OpenVienna - Go & Grow International

the Virtual Conference for Business and Innovation

30 September, 2020 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. (CET)

The Vienna Business Agency cordially invites you to participate in a virtual conference called “Open Vienna - Go and Grow International”. We would like to welcome you to a virtual tour to explore the innovative spirit and extraordinary business location in Vienna. Find out more about the dynamic ecosystem and inform yourself about various ways how to benefit from the business location across industries. 

As the central hub between Western and Eastern Europe,
we act as a driver for innovation in the region. Today, Vienna is an attractive location that offers a perfect mix of political & financial stability, strategic positioning, access to public & private funding, and an ever-growing talent hub proved to be fundamental to overcome a global crisis.

Why Vienna? 

Vienna is known worldwide for its rich cultural heritage and is visited by over 6 m people annually. Whether be it a favorite international headquarter location in the CEE for over 220 multinationals, or the largest university city in Central Europe, or the world Top 1 place by quality-of-life for over 180 nationalities, Vienna has stood by its citizens and proved in recent months to be a reliable partner for the business community in recent months. Vienna is open for business and remains an international melting pot on the European map.

Why participate? 

Would you like to expand your business activities internationally and consider setting up a company seat outside your home base? 

Every crisis - like any coin - has two sides: it opens up new perspectives to pursue & redesign new business models and to consider new markets to expand. As a leading business location, Vienna offers all necessary tools for foreign companies to gain a foothold, even in challenging times. 

Our experts will introduce you to the benefits of the ecosystem and provide insights into specific areas. A company seat in Vienna offers many advantages for foreign companies, which may surprise you:

  • Learn how to create a GmbH (LLC/Ltd.) “entirely” online
  • Deep-dive into the business location and “smart” immigration
  • Discover the startup ecosystem 
  • Find out more about the funding opportunities
  • Explore the innovation and research landscape 
  • Connect with experts from Vienna
  • Participate in the panel discussion "Go and Grow International" 
  • Get the opportunity to ask all your questions


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